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Our Vision We in BRG strive to excel in every service we provide, adding value for our customers wherever possible, and thereby attaining national leadership in the construction industry.

Our Mission Our mission is to serve as a leader in our industry, make a difference in our community, and above all, provide our clients with outstanding service through a collective commitment to our core values.

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About BRG

BRILLIANT ROLE GROUP practices its activities in the innovative fields of construction, development and investment. Our high standards and the quality of our execution have been demonstrated through the several successful projects we have completed in the past. BRILLIANT ROLE GROUP’s mission is to develop the fields of investment in Iraq and to activate the potential of the experts and specialized individuals inside the country and abroad. We intend to accomplish this vision through the constant promotion of progress within our company. Our desire is to produce results that compliment the identity of a modern age in this innovative industry. 

We raise the slogan as “Building the Future”.

Chairman's Message

“The first step in any path that will lead a man to success is always the hardest, but the most important. The willpower and discipline necessary to achieve new heights in one’s life is paired with difficulty and sacrifice, however, anything can be accomplished with hard work and determination. In retrospect, the beginning of my career in the business industry was during a complicated period of time when the political and economic landscape of my beloved Kurdistan was in upheaval. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding me, I moved forward with my business without fear but instead, a full commitment to my vision and a belief in my ideas. Guided by the hands of God, my determination remained resilient and my colleagues and I were able to succeed. It is with pride that I can now say Naz City and Pak City are the first fruits of my efforts; these two projects are now symbols of modern construction and beauty in Kurdistan. The success of these two projects was a catalyst in motivating me to exercise the same willpower in completing other projects, all for the betterment of my country. A quote, by Gotta, that has resonated with me over the years and I hold close to my heart, is as follows:

"Anyone who owns a stout spirit, can change one's life as per his desire" (Gotta)

BRILLIANT ROLE GROUP has become the company it is today because of its continuous development through the execution of strong leadership, effective decisions, and hard work. Today, our responsibilities are extreme, but we have confidence in our reputation, which we have acquired due to our past accomplishments. We are confident in the fact that our advanced and knowledgeable staff will lead us to continually progress as a ground-breaking company. BRILLIANT ROLE GROUP devotes its time to ensure that prosperous projects are brought to this blessed country. This mission began with my rejection of the confines of comfort and my dedication to the two first projects described above. My past works have become the symbol of future investment; our next projects shall be on the forefront of construction development, investing and trade in the country. Hope is the path to our future.”

Zakaria Abdulla
Chairman of the Board

© Brilliant Role Group Inc. | BRG
© Brilliant Role Group Inc. | BRG


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To become a partner with Brilliant Role Group, it is important that we work together to embrace the visions and principles we uphold. We place an emphasis on the meticulous execution of our projects and we look for partners that endorse the same work ethic and standards.

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Can the Kurds offer a tourist haven?

FOR the Kurds of Iraq, Zakaria Abdulla is the nearest thing to the Beatles, rolled into one man. He claims that one of his more recent albums, “Telinaz”, meaning “lovely”, has sold more than 3m copies across the region and in Europe. But mere musical success is no longer enough. These days he has a political vision and a business nose to match.

As a budding property magnate, he is the driving force behind Naz City, a burgeoning housing development on the edge of Erbil, the Iraqi Kurds' capital, with some 700 Western-style flats designed to “bring something beautiful to Kurdistan”. Such projects, he hopes, may lure back some of the thousands of professionals who fled from Saddam Hussein and are now used to European and American living standards; Mr Abdulla spent some years in Sweden. So far, he says, seven ministers in the Kurdish regional government, more than 100 assembly members and at least 50 academics have taken flats in Naz City.
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Official occasion in Erbil with the Prime Minister

Under the patronage of Mr. Nechirvan Barzani, Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government, Mr. Omar Fattah, Deputy of Prime Minister and Mr. Zakaria Abdulla, chairman of BRG, the residential complex of (Naz City) was inaugurated in an official occasion on 24/04/2007. It was attended, also, by government officials, political parties and internal and foreign businessmen. The significance of the project and Kurdistan Regional Government policy in the aspect of trade and investment were highly appreciated in the speeches of the attendants.

Naz city is one of BRG projects which is considered as the fruit of investment of residence in Kurdistan Region; the city consists of several modern buildings.

Swedish Minister of trade calls BRG office

The Swedish Minister of Trade visits BRG bureau in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan.

On 30-05-2010, in the morning, a great delegation of Swedish government officials, traders and businessmen headed by her Excellency Mrs. Eva Björling, Swedish Minister of Trade, paid a visit to the private bureau of Mr. Zakaria, chairman of (BRG) in Erbil. The condition of trade in Kurdistan and the commercial relations between Sweden and Kurdistan Region were discussed in details. Later, they had a look at the projects of the named company which was highly appreciated by Mrs. Björling and she expressed her high admiration to the fruitful actions that had been executed by Mr. Zakaria in KRG. She showed her impression in the memorandum book about a (Kurdish-Swedish) who had achieved a private position in the the high official levels. She wrote," I have a queen pride to be here and meet all the Swedish in the Region, particularly you who are tremendously successful hoping that all the Swedish get benefit from you and participate to rebuild the new Iraq."

This news was referred to in big machetes in the Swedish and Kurdistan Region newspapers and led to a big media reverberation because it was the first time that a minister of a progressive country like Sweden to call on the office of trading company in Kurdistan Region.

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At BRG, we have created an environment of innovativeness and inclusivity that we hope to compliment with likeminded individuals. As we incorporate changes to our company and endorse our slogan of ‘Building the Future,’ we plan to make additions to our team of professionals in an effort to implement the vision and values of this company.

We provide the environment for you to excel in your career. With BRG you can help make a difference to the projects we are working on, and acquire excellent professional experience.

Students and Graduates
Help us tackle real world problems and put your talent to the test. Whatever your role, you’ll receive high-class training and support. We enable newly graduates to start their careers in the best way possible.

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